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Gene Beason(non-registered)
Hi everyone,
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Les Elsmore(non-registered)
An entertaining and professional experience. Cant ask for more. Highly recommeneded.
Having Rob at a recent celebration I attended added to the atmosphere and gave enjoyment throughout the afternoon
J. S.(non-registered)
Rob is an extremely professional and skilled photographer. You will not regret it!
Martin Carroll
Just had my photographs taken and printed for my business,they were perfect for what I needed.Robert is very professional in his work and he is a good listener to hear your needs and thought's.a well done
Rob Clarke - The Event Photographer
A lovely Guestbook entry from the work at the recent Launch Event for Dee Becker...

WOW! Thank you so much Rob for these amazing photos! You have captured the event perfectly and I now have a great portfolio of images with which to boost my fundraising. :)

You truly are: THE Event Photographer! I hope my event will also provide you with a great visual testimonial for your work. I for one wouldn't hesitate in recommending you (or using your services) again!

With HUGE thanks for your support and great work!

Dee x

Dee Becker
Marketing Specialist & Professional Style Coach™
Dave and Lisa Dovey(non-registered)
Thanks Rob for getting some great memories of our wedding.

All the very best for the future.
David Pain(non-registered)
We asked Rob to cover our Silver Wedding Anniversary with a 1920s theme,he was extremely professional, he used a green back drop and the images created were fantastic and admired by all! The added photo shoot on the night blended perfectly with the complete theme we created. I would recommend him for any event requiring a perfect Shoot. The ability to print there and then was an added bonus. We will use him again soon and won't wait for our Golden Anniversary.... A real find on the Isle of Wight and very personable. Dave
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