Rob Clarke - The Event Photographer | Collection of Suezi A. Pastels in Print

Suezi is an experienced and proficient artist who lives and works on the Isle of Wight. For the 'Golden Africa' series she uses the subtle blend of soft pastels to illuminate the vibrancy and the uniqueness of African Cultures. She aims to bring out the beauty- celebrating in the features and in the local dress variations. Her vision is to create a glow in the viewers eyes as they ponder and reflect on the question behind the figures and on the story on the possibilities of the journey taken by the figure's themselves. Each original piece takes months to complete and she works with a passion that demands high quality satisfaction and identity with her subject matter. As a Christian Suezi sees the eye-opening beauty in the African Race and sees her art as a visual interpretation of the Creators amazing work.
She uses still-life and photographic imagery to work from creating unique and memorable depictions.

Suezi now offers her Pastels in Print exclusively through Rob Clarke Photography.

Contact Rob at the Studio - for more information and pricing.
African Bride 3 - Inspired by 'Ade Adetayo Photography'African Bride BW2 -  Inspired by 'Ade Adetayo Photography'AriseArise 1Example 30 x 24 Simply Gold FrameLeaving BW1The WarriorThe Warrior B&W 148 x 36 The Warrior 44 x 32 print blackThe Warrior Scripted 1Leaving 248 x 36 Leaving 44 x 32 print48 x 36 The Warrior 44 x 32 print blue