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¨Passport/ID Service¨


Your passport photos must be professionally printed and correctly sized at 45 millimetres (mm) high by 35mm wide - Clear and in focus - Showing a close-up of your full head and shoulders. Don't take the chance of rejected photos. 

Specialising in producing quality passport photos for Adults - Children & Babies

  • Free Parking
    Free parking at the rear of High Street, Access via Brannon Way or 30min waiting in High Street layby. 
  • A Full Professional Studio Set-Up and Studio Lighting
    Although a full studio set-up is not necessary. This is ready for any session including Passports. Ensuring the quality of the image
  • instant viewing 
    Photos can be viewed instantly from a variety taken if necessary. Ensuring you are happy with your image. 


Passport Photos - £20

Your selected image will be cropped and sized to passport requirements using specific passport photo software

a print of up-to 8 photos will be produced (images cut on request)

Disc containing the original image along with passport print set-up for additional copies.

Price is for first person £5 per addition person 


ID Card - £10.00 (£5 with passport photo)

There is no specific photo requirement for these ID cards Although your passport photo would generally be used. Ideal for your child/children to carry when on holiday.

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